I grew up in a family where eating big delicious meals cooked with not so healthy things was the norm. Now that I am a little older and wiser, I know that although those meals are yummy, I can’t eat them everyday and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When I was 18 years old a fellow student made a comment to me that changed my outlook on the way I looked. I had worn a red sundress with white polka dots to an outing with some of my friends. The next morning I was in class when he turned to me and said, “Ebony, I saw you yesterday in your dress with all that cottage cheese.” I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what he meant. Later a friend told me that he was talking about the cellulite I had in my legs. I thought to myself “WOW…how MEAN and HURTFUL was that!” I never noticed cellulite in my legs until after his comment.

Looking back, I realize that situation was s a pivotal time in my life. Was I overweight and unhealthy? A little bit. Did I have cellulite in my legs? Yes. Did I deserve to be treated and embarrassed like that? HECK NO!!!

After that incident, I developed a horrible body complex that led to a downward spiral of me doing whatever I can to stay and get “skinny”. I’ve tried many fad diets (south beach, cabbage soup, slim fast, special K, Hydroxycut, etc), I got addicted to laxatives and using them as a weigh loss pills and eventually developed the habit of binge eating and then starving myself to the point of only allowing myself to eat something small (a bag of chips, rice, a serving of meat, 4 taco’s from taco bell) once a day.

I knew that these habits where not good for me and when the people around me started to notice, I knew that something had to change. That’s when I started to workout in the gym and would do cardio for hours on some days because I felt that I had eaten too much.

Change of Mindset

Unfortunately, I allowed that comment to shape how I viewed my body for a very long time but in 2010 I decided to train for a fitness competition. I competed in April of 2011 and ranked 6th place. Really, that experience had nothing to do with my ranking, it had more to do with me taking my life back. Me proving to myself that with drive, dedication and commitment, there is nothing that I can’t do!

Today, I can stand tall and truly say that I am comfortable in my own skin. Have I met all my health and fitness goals? NO! Do I still second guess myself and the way I look in the mirror? YES! I’m still a work in progress BUT I feel amazing and healthy and know that this is a journey, not a destination so I’m enjoying the process!

How Do I Stay Fit?

After giving birth to my second child…I found it very challenging to make time for the gym. I didn’t realize how easy it would be for me to lose myself in the midst of my kids and husbands needs but I did. I found myself 10 pounds heavier, unmotivated, stressed, overwhelmed and just unhappy. I wasn’t working out, my nutrition was horrible and I realized that I was not a fun person to be around! I was putting everyone else’s needs before my own and it caught up to me…I knew something had to change.

Going to the gym wasn’t an option so I started working out from home. I got amazing results with the first program I did and was feeling like myself again. I was excited to be able to do something for myself without sacrificing my family time and responsibilities.

My friends and co-workers started asking for fitness advice and I loved helping them. That’s when I started to discover my love for helping others feel better about themselves through health and fitness. 

Why I LOVE being a Fitness Coach?

Helping people achieve their health and fitness goals and being a part of their journey brings such joy to my life.

As a busy mom and wife I know that we sacrifice so much for our families and often times put their needs before our own. I also know how difficult it is to find the balance between taking care of ourselves while taking care of our daily responsibilities.

Coaching allows me to help other moms reach their ultimate goal of feeling AMAZING in their own skin! I refuse to believe the people who feel that WE (busy moms) have to choose between ourselves and our families. It’s not true, we don’t have to pick one or the other because I know through discipline, drive, motivation and courage WE can do both; focus on our health and fitness needs while taking care of our family needs as well.

If you’re looking for help with starting your fitness journey or to reach the goals you’ve always wanted, let’s chat and discuss  how I can help.

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