We were like the average American couple, working to spend money and never working toward a common goal for our household. We were living the “American Dream”. We had a new baby girl, new car, new home, new truck and a new boat. Life couldn’t get any better for us. We really felt happy and successful despite the fact that we had racked up $370,000 worth of new debt. And with the blink of an eye the materials things we purchased now owned us!

Eventually, our situation started to take a toll on us and instead of uniting and working towards the problem together, subconsciously we started blaming each other for the mess we were in. There was a lot of stress, frustration, resentment and denial between the two of us. It wasn’t until the both of us took true ownership of the part we played in our financial situation that things started to change. It was a tough hole to crawl out of but we did it! And we can now proudly say that we are now 100% debt free! Now, our mission is to teach other couples, who’s in the same situation that we were in, how to dig themselves out of that hole together!

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